is to see young people in Lithuania journey into adulthood with a deep sense of value, purpose & faith – equipping them to live life to the full

With every young person we come into contact with, Young Life staff and volunteers desire to better the lives of teenagers. We help youth discover and develop life skills, equip them to face life challenges and treat themselves and others with respect.

We have a huge amount of fun spending time in the community where teens hang out, running clubs and camps, and participating in local communities in any way we can support youth – the energy and creativity of our leaders is phenomenal!

With eyes to see potential and ears to listen in support, we are committed to caring, motivating and role-modelling a full, healthy lifestyle in the future generations.

Whether teenagers are seeking guidance or just acceptance, Young Life is here for them, with a desire for fun, a compassionate understanding heart, and a powerful message of hope.

  • Contact Work

    Young Life is unique in its approach through its “less programs more friendships” strategy. Our volunteer leaders priority is to be a positive role model accepting teens regardless of where they are at in their life journey.

  • Club

    Teens love music, films, humor, fun, friendships and are on a search for purpose. At Young Life Club we mix all these ingredients together to create an  inspiring and engaging program.  Club is a place where everyone knows your name, and are glad you came!

  • Camps

    Mix all Young Life does and put it into an adventure camp and you have a recipe for success. Teenagers have a time of their lives trying new adventures, learn in Master Classes & group discussions and deepening friendships with peers & mentors.

  • Company

    “Company” is simply a small group from the larger crowd who come together with their adult friend to talk about life’s deeper questions. They have committed to become a member or at least explore what it means to be a member of a caring community that loves God and others.

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